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Bath Fashion Museum Exhibition Feb 2016

Bath Fashion Museum Georgian Section of Exhibition – Feb ’16 We just wanted  to start listing up some of the gowns we felt interesting in their museum exhibition. We took a quick nip down after one of our study sessions and thought we’d put up some of […]

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Berrington Hall Trip…a bit more

The Display at Berrington Hall While we were shut away in the store room at Berrington, sliding through the heavy door quietly every time we stopped for a tea break or lunch and nipping down the elegant staircase, we had an opportunity to take a moment and […]

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Our Newest Caps…

Mmm…New Caps! Another offspring from one of our study trips – that box of caps has produced many a beautiful item. Oh gosh we wish you could’ve delved into that box with us – each cap and coif were like a delicate snow drop from history – […]

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Our Berrington Hall Trip…

Study Session at Berrington Hall I think we have a new goal  for our business!: To plot as many patterns as possible from original coats, gowns, waistcoats etc so that you can begin to see the changes in the pattern cutting and see how they vary, develop […]

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June – The Months – J.June – 1749

June ‘The Months’ – 1749 J.June Details: – This is a lovely example of the ‘light flowery silks’ that is mentioned in A.Buck’s book (see our Bibliograhy link her for her book ‘Dress in the 18th C. England‘) which she says comes into fashion during 40s. This […]

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Our New Pocket Hoops!

Blue Linen Pocket Hoops Dated c. 1750-90   We have wanted to work on a replica of these for a while and finally got the chance when a Museum asked us to develop a pair of handmade pocket hoops. We straight away headed for the blue! These […]

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1805-1810 Corselette – MMA – Our Version!

1805-1810 Corset: Metropolitan Museum of Art We are currently researching an outfit for an exhibition at the Daily Mail History Festival at Chalk Valley – it’s to be for the year 1805 and we are dressing one of the ladies. On thursday we’re off upto Bath Fashion […]

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Woolen Under Breeches – early 19thc

Thomas Coutt’s Drawers! c.1810-20 This is only a quick post – while I eat my soup in a pause from trying to plot out onto draft paper the pattern I took from the Study Session – and it’s a pattern we took while we were at the […]

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May – The Months – J.June 1749

May! The Months – J.June – 1749 Take a quick look at our May lady here and then we’ll discuss her dress: Details: – Well, to start off with she is wearing a Short Sack with matching petticoat – in quite a similar colour to a short […]

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April – ‘The Months’ – J.June – 1749

‘April’ – The Months By J.June – 1749 Details: – Ah we love our job! This lady is wearing a (probably) Robe a l’Anglais with single robings. We are only assume it’s an Anglais from the fact that it’s a day dress – there is no other […]

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