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Blue Pocket Hoops – Machine Version

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Blue Pocket Hoops – Machine Version



georgian underwear by handBound costumes, replica and reproduction period costumes from the museums,– Machine Made Version!
– Made from 100% Linen in Blue
– 18″ x 12″ (46cm x 30.5cm)
– Removeable Cane Boning x 3
– 100% Cotton Ties
– Sold by the pair

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Blue Linen Pocket Hoops

Machine Made Version

Slightly less expensive and exactly the same look!

These are our blue pocket hoops – replica’s from a pair from Nordiska Museum and dated c.1750-1790. It certainly seems that these side hoops appeared much later on stage than the full hoops.

This pair are made from our 100% Linen – Navy Blue version and is a lovely cloth – springy but warm and well woven – we have to admit that we love these linens. We have a short video on this linen if you’d like more info and also a link to the product page.

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The originals! Nordiska Museum – 1750-1790

The Hoops are 18″ deep (or 46cm) by 12″ (30.5cm) in size with the inside being able to be used as a pocket. The seams have been sewn using the French seam method so therefore are all neat on the inside and doubly strong due to being sewn twice.

There are cotton ties at the two top hoops replicating the original and these you will tie up at the front and back and stop the pockets bouncing about as you move. The cane is lovely and light but firm – and though for such a small area, steel really does do just as well, there’s just something very nice about cane. The cane has been cut into length and steamed into shape.

The top of the pocket is different from the original – in the original the cotton tape has been sewn over the pocket finishing them, but this means that they would then be set to the size of the waist which makes them less usable. We’ve opted for sewing a linen strip over the top to act as the channel for the ribbon so that they can then be moved about. This, we think, makes them much more practical.

Ummm…what else can we say?

You obviously get the pair!
And the other options available are:
– Hand Sewn + Blue Linen + Cane
– Machine Sewn + Blue Linen + Steel
– Machine Sewn + Cream Cheaper Linen + Steel.
Please email us for more info in these other until we’ve got them all listed up.

Oh and we can also say that these are WASHABLE! the cane can happily come out, though treat it nicely while it’s out – and just push it back into the pocket hoops once dry.

Thanks for looking!