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Long Lappet Cap – Late 17thC to Early 18thC


Long Lappet Cap – Late 17thC to Early 18thC


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The Long Lappet Cap

Dated Late 1600s to Early 1700s

This is our 3rd Cap replicated from that fruitful box of caps at the Manchester Museum. This one features a single long lappet, gently gathered at the top of the head rather wide in nature.

Let’s describe it…

Essentially this cap is made up from 3 separate pieces:
– The Lappet Section
– A Central Head Band
– And the Back Cap Section

The original had only a single layer of lappet trimmed with a lightly fringed trim. We can find no such trim so have had to leave it plain. However, we kept to the single thickness for the lappet but now think it would look better double – the trim perhaps added a weight to the lappet whereas it being without, it just seems a bit non. Double thickness of the fine linen would still keep it’s gentle nature but just add a better quality look. This is our plan but please let us know if you’d like it be kept single.

The head band is also made up of two layers, containing the back section and the lappets seams within.

The Back section is a single layer – as in the original and also has a drawstringed base to it, through which is threaded the silk ribbons for tying.

The Lappet’s length is 14″  (35.5cm) from the head band seam and it’s width at the base is 4″ and 6″ at the top of the head.

This style can be worn with the lappets pinned up (as seen in the photos) worn loose (as seen in the photos) or it could be pinned under the chin. We’ve not seen any images of this length of lappet being worn pinned under the chin as there would be a large amount of hanging leftovers and the squarish bottom suggest a preference for being worn loose.

Please feel free to email us if you have any other questions and thanks for looking.