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Events – 2017

Our Events for This year!

2017 ish…

Here is a list of all the wonderful, crazy and slightly historically geeky events that we will be attending this year…
….so far anyway. This list may get added to as new bits come up 🙂

  • 25th – 26th Feb – National Living History Fayre (NLHF):

This event takes place in a spectacular new venue – a Railway Museum in
Buckinghamsire, nr Quainton. You’ll be able to learn more from clicking
this link here: The Link!

  • 4th -5th March – SW National Living History Fayre (SW NLHF)

This venue is a much smaller and more localised version of the Big One in Buckinghamshire but don’t be deceived: it’s still very much worth coming along. A lot of the same traders travel the distance to set up shop and you still get the good mix of multi-period history and a variety in what’s being sold. And perhaps it’s not so far for you to travel! Here’s the Link: The link for the SW! Oh, and the Facebook Link

  • 8th – 9th April – International Living History Festival (ILHF)

This event takes place in a most amazing site, with massive barns from the 14th century that make you feel giants must’ve built them, gentle lawns, a walled garden; the place itself is pure history. And for this weekend it will also be packed with reenactors, battles, encampments, and many many people walking about in a multitude of costumes. It’s quite a sight! Tickets are discounted until 12th feb – there’s a link on this page so well worth buying now and saving later!