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Customer Designed Bespoke Garments:

Made to Measure Historical Costumes to your own Specifications!

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From personalised wedding dresses to reproduced garments from paintings, this is the section

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where you get to play about with your own designs and have a chance to ask us to make what you want. Having already studied and copied garments from the museums we can now use the techniques we’ve learnt and pour them into the garment of your choice.

For a catalogue of previous projects please click here (page still under construction – but please click; it will work!)

We love the idea of researching your garment with you and chatting into night about which fabric you wanted and where, and which style you’d most like. You can have it as true to the original as you’d like.

Whether you have a design already in mind, or would like to copy an item from a museum or painting, or would just like to see a few design sketches – we’d be happy to work with you to ensure you’re garment is precisely what you had in mind. There are so many amazing images out there  in the big, wide world – you may have seen a Duchess of Devonshire painting, or a Mdm Pompadour Portrait, or seen a dress in a museum that made your stomach whoop, either way, we’d love to help you realise that dream.

The process would normally be along these lines:

– Emails would fly back and forth with images and sketches and fabric colour ideas.

– A final design would be drawn up for you to o.k, along with a quote for the Garment.

– Fabric would then need to be sourced and confirmed.

– And then we’d start! We can even keep a record of the design process and garment construction if you’d like some images to keep.

Please email us on: michelle@handboundcostumes.co.uk and we can start the process.