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Pricing Garments

Price Guide:

How do we price our garments?

(and why are we so expensive!?)

All of our garments on this site consist very simply of the Materials we provide for the garment and our Time – and in a nutshell that’s it!

However, we have worked long enough trying to keep things cheap and have ended up filling up our diaries with jobs but not even getting a live-able wage from it. Sooo…..

The ‘Time’ element is broken up as follows:

  • We charge £30 an hour  – whichhhhh I know sounds a lot BUT which needs to cover, not just the time working on your garment, but a nod towards the research, the work needed online and on the website, etc = and basically all the time that is needed to actually make the business run.
  • Our time estimations are based on our sampling. Before a garment appears on the website, we’ve normally made a few versions of it to test out our techniques, and from this we keep a record of the time worked on an item.
  • All our garments are handsewn and subtle variations like adding an extra length of trim, or adding a ruffle can add a good few hours to the job! It’s not easy!


As to the Material costs, they can be broken down as such:

  • We don’t include the main fabric for the garment on our costings. The reason being, is that this is often supplied by the customer and desires in colours, styles, etc, can vary so much that it is easier to add this on afterwards rather than guess a price bracket that can range form £5 to £50 a metre.  (Please note – if you would like us to be involved in sourcing the main fabric we will also add hours for scrolling through the internet, requesting samples and the emails that naturally bound back and forth during this process)
  • Any linings and inner support fabrics used are all included in the price. We tend to use linen for linings, and natural linens and hemps for inner canvasses and such. However, the description page of your said garment will contain more info into the materials used. 🙂
  • Trimmings and threads are included in the price. Again, we tend to copy the originals as best as possible and use silk threads, linen and cotton threads in their various places.
  • Anything else that was used in the making up of the garment. (i.e Cane or Lace tips or Buttons)
  • Ooh and a small bit towards electric.

We trust that you understand that what you are purchasing from us is a unique garment crammed full of our many, many study sessions and detailed garment knowledge that comes from studying the originals. It’s not snobbery that makes us not use zips or updated methods, but rather the heart behind our company is to create gowns using the same logic and technical knowledge that the mantua-makers and tailors had. There’s a lot of wisdom in their sewing choices and we wouldn’t want our clients missing out on all that goodness. It also is essential if you are to create a real looking garment and ensemble.

We are not in the least offended if you don’t feel that all of the above is quite what you’re after, and we can happily provide you with other company’ details if you would like us to. Horses for courses we say and there are many wonderful makers out there :).