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Archive for April 2016

One for the Photo Album!

Shaping the Body York Castle Museum   A few months ago we got an opportunity to work on a couple of hoops for the York Castle Museum. They were looking into opening an exhibition based on the various historical methods of manipulating the body into the fashionable […]

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Our New Fabric!

Well actually we have two but we’ve only gotten round to listing the one yet…. But here it is: Maroon Embroidered Taffeta! 100% Polyester or Faux Silk It’s the fabric we made our first sack back out of so we can happily tell you that it’s great […]

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After the International Living History Festival…

The I.L.H.F Market At Cressing Temple – Braintree It has been a wonderful weekend. The market was fab and fun, and with lots and lots of great conversations about costumes…mmmm…costumes. Thanks to everyone who came over for a chat and we’re going to include a few dodgy […]

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