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Our Customer Care Good and Useful Info Page

Because life can be more complicated than at first glance, we have created this ‘Good and Useful Info Page’ for you, our customers. It has all sorts on here – tips on how to dress and wear your garment, lacing advice, the great ‘Plastic vs Cane’ debate for you who are ordering Stays, Help with Measuring, and lots, lots more.

We’re a bit worried it may be a bit hectic but we’re sure you’ll find what you need. And if you think of something else we’ve missed, please message us – we need all sorts of ideas to make this a really useful page.

How to dress an 18th c stomacher, what were stomachers,accurate historical costume made to measure and for tv film theatre and reenactment– ‘How To Wear…’ Pages





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Measurement Page (Measuring Tips, Video’s and Forms)





Georgian Stays - SNO.1294 - HandBound Research – Cane vs Plastic Boning





coldstreamers at Chalke Valley History Festival, HandBound costumes at the Daily Mail History Festival, 18th c fashion - replica costumiers

Useful Links (Reenactment Groups, Markets and the like)