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Previous Projects!

Previous Projects


Did we want a big long list of previous stuff we’ve made being smack bang in the middle of our Bespoke Page? No we didn’t. So we’ve popped it here instead.

This page will be constantly added to and updated as we go back through old stuff and get exciting new stuff and then put it up here for all to view.

1750s stays replicated and made by HandBound Costumes, French silk stays reproduction by HandBound Costumes, bespoke staymaking,

Mid Century Stays -Pale Slate Blue with Central ribbon detail




18th c fashion, made to measure historical gowns, I want to look like demelza out of poldark,
1770’s Polonaise gown




half boned pair of stays by HandBound costumes, V&A replica stays, where can I get georgian costumes made
– 1770s Stays




hand made and custom period costumiers, victorian garments for sale

Cherry Red Quilted Petticoat – Victorian.




York Castle Museum - shaping the body exhibition, period costumier, historical tailoring techniques
 – York Castle Museum – Striped Oblong Hoop and 2 x Pkt Hoops




Man's 18th Century Suit - HandBound Costumes (3)
     – Eighteenth Century 3 x Piece Suit of a Coat, Waistcoat and Breeches.




Late Victorian Two Piece Costume by HandBound Costumes - thumbnail, replica Victorian Outfit, Custom made Historical Victorian Costume, Hand Made Historical Clothing, Bespoke and Designed 19th Century Costume, Made to measure Victorian Suit, Custom Made and designed Edwardian Costume, Late 1800's Dress
– Late Victorian Two Piece Dress with two-part Collar and Full Length Skirt.




Victorian Cape - HandBound Costumes 
– Victorian Woolen Cape




carnival fun - handbound costumes
 – Silly Carnival Fun!





Frozen Costume - Prince Hans Back View by HandBound, Prince Hans Frozen Costume - embroidered Tail Coat by HandBound, custom made Disney Costumes, Made to measure fancy dress, childrens dressing up costumes - disney characters, hand made costumes


Prince Hans Frozen Costume