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Archive for January 2016

Woolen Under Breeches – early 19thc

Thomas Coutt’s Drawers! c.1810-20 This is only a quick post – while I eat my soup in a pause from trying to plot out onto draft paper the pattern I took from the Study Session – and it’s a pattern we took while we were at the […]

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May – The Months – J.June 1749

May! The Months – J.June – 1749 Take a quick look at our May lady here and then we’ll discuss her dress: Details: – Well, to start off with she is wearing a Short Sack with matching petticoat – in quite a similar colour to a short […]

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New Arrival! The c.1750’s Man’s Shirt

Our New Edition! We have to confess this is our new passion! O.M.G.O.S.H, we absolutely LOVE 18th c men’s shirts. They are gorgeous and so beautifully made – and just you wait til we get to the 1800’s shirts as the same logic explodes with a burst […]

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April – ‘The Months’ – J.June – 1749

‘April’ – The Months By J.June – 1749 Details: – Ah we love our job! This lady is wearing a (probably) Robe a l’Anglais with single robings. We are only assume it’s an Anglais from the fact that it’s a day dress – there is no other […]

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March – ‘Months’ by J.June – 1749

March ‘The Months’ by J.June 1749 Details: – Our rather windswept lady here wears a Red or Orange gown with matching petticoat. You can just about see the gown’s skirts end and curl back in the wind and the matching petticoat resume beneath it. – Interestingly you […]

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