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Replica Blue Damask Stays

Blue Herringbone Stays

Full frontal view of Manchester pair of stays - 18th century

These are a truly truly truly stunning pair. Nothing to obviously shout out their stunningness but a subtle, sophisticated cut and manipulation of the fabric and bones that create a really strong, curvy and all round gob-smacking pair of stays.


This pair can be found at the Manchester Costume Galleries (click on the link – it will take you to their page).

We studied this pair of stays way back in 2016 and have been back n re-occuring visits ever since. The expertise and simple but serious skill found in these stays makes them ever breathtaking. The regularity of the small stitches, the simplicity of form, the elongation of the body, everything shouts to the level of skills these staymakers had.  If we could be learn and copy!


Our Replica

Brainstorming Session on Manchester's Blue Damask Stays

Our Replica Pair is being made from a 100% cotton Blue and white herringbone, and though nothing as pretty as a floral damask, the subtley of the colours we are hoping may create a similar over all appearance.

Jobs to do:

  • Pattern cut the Stays using the original pattern and adapting it’s shapes to fit a different set of measurements.
  • Cut the 3 layers out that I am using for each panel.
  • Bone the panels using the original boning directions.
  • Make up the Inner Support Triangle
  • Join the Panels together
  • Sew the ribbon down over the top of the joins.
  • Sew in the inner boning casings and insert bones
  • Line.

The Pattern Draft:

The Boning of the Panels:

As each panel gets sewn and boned, we’ll pop some pics up for you to watch the progress.

The Backs:
The Side Back Panels:
The Side Front Panels:
The Fronts:
The Straps: