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Two Gowns Fit For Versaille!

The Two c.1770s Complete Outfits for Versaille

The remit: To dress two clients for the Versaille Ball.

georgian costume design ideas

The deadline – May – eek!

And these two gowns include:

  • 2 x pairs of stays
  • 2 x hoops
  • 2 x shifts
  • 2 x decorated gowns

Here’s some photos of the stays – which are the only thing completed so far 🙂

Blue Stays – Client #1

is there a company in theUK who makes stays from the 18th century bespoke made blue stays - clients garments

The hoops are now complete too (updated Feb 2023!)

And here’s a pic of the two mannequins getting ready for their dresses.

hoop mkaing done the 18th century way by HandBound costumes