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1770s Polonaise Gown

A Polonaise Gown


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Inside of the Gown

These gowns are iconic to the 18th Century! So fashionable and distinct with their centre front meeting

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bodice and ruched up skirts – it’s a classic Cinderella look, a fashionable milkmaid, a hard working servant or the belle of the ball! So much diversity!

This particular gown was made using a pattern taken from an original at the Hereford Museum, with the bodice being sewn down onto the pleats and the back section still in its all-in-one Anglais style form. The photo the Client provided was a deeply ruched skirt look – some just have simple ties to help create the polonaise but in the image you could tell it was a much more complicated design than that. The curator at Berrington Hall was then very kind in pulling out all of their Polonaise Gowns while we looked for one that had a multiple loop system and found one that matched perfectly!


– Classic early Polonaise – where the CB pleats are still part of the skirt.
– Plain ended Sleeves
– CF meeting – left plain and without fastenings as in the original
– The client was wanting Pin or Sewing method of closure
– Skirts to have ties for Polonaise but in multiple layers so 6 rings were sewn replicating another original gown.
– Hand finished seams such as the robings and back neck.
– Matching Petticoat.
– Fabric beautifully discovered by the client.

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Full Length View

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Swing Catches on Pleats of the Skirts

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Polonaise Ties and Rings

This is the original gown that we took the pattern from – it’s a beautiful dress and really fine in it’s detail. Obviously we’ve changed the sleeves as the style the client wanted was plain ended rather than the ruffles which the original has.1770s original gown, polonaise style dresses, 18th century