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1770s Stays

1770’s Stays

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The images1770s stays, the staymaker, 18th c underwear and fashion, HandBound historical costumes research the client sent, happened to be a pair of stays we have had in our sights to replicate but have never quite gotten round to yet. We’ve attached an image here but you can also see it in the V&A as it forms part of their collection. The client didn’t actually want the stays replicated – she had her own colours in mind but the style of the stays was what she was after. She’d also unearthed a pattern draft in a similar boning pattern so off we went to work to create that pattern into the client’s sizes.

Meanwhile, ribbon colours had to be chosen, which boning the lady might want, binding possibilities – all of these details got emailed back and forth and samples sent out until the Client had opted for this mix she liked.

Wanting a linen background, she opted for a pinky-beige linen we have in stock and a strong corally pink ribbon for the seams: quite stark but actually quite intriguing. The boning half boned pair of stays by HandBound costumes, V&A replica stays, where can I get georgian costumes madewas to be cane and so we begun.

Details Include:

– Cane Boning with an Inner bone detail.
– Half-Boned
– Horizontal boning section at the CF neckline.
– Pattern and boning replicated from original.
– Coral Pink ribbon for covering seams
– Pinky-beige linen as outer layer
– Linen canvas and linen layers used on the inside.
– Straps joined at the Front
– Made to measure to the clients sizes
– Lined with a 100% linen.

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