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Mid 18th C French Stays

Fully Boned Stays


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To be honest, this pair of stays was such a dream to work on! The client chose the silk perfectly, provided us with beautiful silk ribbon, and sent images that we were really excited to replicate.

german stays - mid 18th c corsets, custom made historical costumes, bespoke period clothing,This pair is actually a blend between 2 styles – a French blue pair (as pictured) and a german set that she1750s french stays, the staymaker, georgian staymaking for sale, stays and corsets ready made, liked. Her project was replicating a German costume so we mixed the two styles together in a way that too the pattern cutting shape of the German set but some of the prettier details of the French.

The Client Chose:
– Centre Cane
– No Central Busk
– Zig-zag detail at back
– The Ribbon Details
– Not to go for the Triangular shape but keep the front tab flat.
– A fitting – just to make sure that the fit and the cut was just right.

All of the above decisions are the kind that take time to really dig into it what you want, so never imagine the road to a finished pair of stays is straight – be prepared to chew over swatches and images!

And, here’s some photos of the stays in making…

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