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Victorian Quilted Petticoat

The Cherry Red Number!

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Our Version

This order came equipped with an amazing image of a Victorian Quilted Petticoat. Having only studied Georgians so far, we weren’t even aware that the Victorian’s used such beautiful items! But we were so taken with the original that we had to give it a go.

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The Original

This petticoat is much wider than the Georgian versions that we’ve studied and the quilting took us an unimaginable amount of time. This surprised us a little as it’s as filled in as the quilted petticoat in our Online Shop but somehow the design is much more dense and also a lot less flowing. This didn’t strike us at first as a problem but rather than being able to flow into the next line of design, there was a lot more stopping and starting, and we certainly think this added to the time issue.

The original was 264cm so, although it doesn’t look the same width in the images here, we’ve made ours 264cm too. We used a Cotton wadding for the inside and it was 100% Silk in a lovely Cherry Red for the outer layer, and, chosen by the customer but much to our delight, a blue sateen lawn for the lining.

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Side View


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Quilted Detail


victorian quilted petticoat - replicated and bespoke costumes, reenactment costumiers - HandBound

Back Detail