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SNO.96 – The Coat

Coat – Sno.96


Please Note: These Images are used Courtesy of Berrington Hall – Please Respect!

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The Coat!

Our goal is to plot as many coats from the 18th c as feasibly possible. The more we can pattern draft, the more we can compare changes to techniques and shape.

This is the beginning of our collection but it’s a start.

outlander period costume

The details of this coat include:

– 12 x Buttons down the CF
– The Buttons are large and Domed.
– The Coat has Round Cuffs with 3 x Cover Buttons
– And 3 x Buttons at the pocket.
– The coat has no collar which is standard for fashionable coats at this time.
– It has Pleated Vents at the back and side – also standard.

The collarful Frock is just beginning to creep in at the time into fashion, previously being a working man’s garment but this coat is still of the initial fashion – the classic coat, growing in its cut-a-way form. It’s also beginning to lack a fullness in the skirt region which is the fashion from the earlier part of the 18th c growing steadily out.

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Pleat view