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1760s – A Collection of Images

1760s Fashion Images:

From portraits to gown, we’ve been using this page a bit like Pinterest  – to just pop up some 1760s fashion images for you to get a good idea of what the 1760s fashion world looked like 🙂

A 1765-1770s Robe a la Francais – MET Collection

  1. The following 3 images come from a Robe a la Francais found in the MET’s collection and has been dated 1765-70. The gown features a wide band of robings with what looks like a possibly knife style pleats – though they have become very haphazard around the waistline.
  2. There is also a frill attached to the front line but it would be interesting to see this in person and see what date the lace is and the stitching. Frills at the CF edge were fashionable in France and how they were applied is one aspect we are trying to study. Additions like this tend to be dressings for display rather than original but never say never – until studied close-up its a bit hard to say. Wouldn’t it be nice though to finally find a gown with an original accessory still attached! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  3. The gown also has double robings at the sleeve and there is something lovely and sprightly about the way they hang.
  4. The gown appears to be in lovely condition and would be a real gem to study!

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