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Costume Close-Up by Linda Baumgarten

Costume Close Up:

By Linda Baumgarten.

Front Cover:

Costume Close Up - L.Baumgarten and J.Watson - Cover - HandBound Bibliography


Back Cover:

Costume Close up - L.Baumgarten and J.Watson - Back Page - History of Fashion Images - Costume Research for the Eighteenth Century - Close-up Images for the Eighteenth Century Researcher - Georgian Clothing - Photo's of Original Garments -HandBound Bibliography


Page 42.

This is the last page from Chapter 6: Jacket. Linda Baumgarten and John Watson give details of stitching techniques and construction, close-up photos of details from the Jacket they are studying, and a pattern lay. The last page includes an interesting article on ‘Who Wore Jackets?’.  You should be able to read the article from the page below and see details of the different linings used in this jacket in the image.

Costume Close Up - L.Baumgarten and J.Watson - Inner Page - Eighteenth Century Costume Research -Pet-en-lair - Caraco - Georgian Short Jacket - 18th Cent original clothing - Linen and floral linen - Undress - Day wear - HandBound Bibliography

Page 64:

This page contains 3 images of details from various items of clothing. The largest image is from a pocket with embroidered pocket opening and floral detail. The orange photo at the bottom is the right and wrong side of clock-work from a pair of stockings. And the top photo is a close-up of the back two panels of a corset, detailing the binding and lacing.

Costume Close Up - L.Baumgarten and J.Watson - Inner Page - Georgian Costume - American Civil war Costume - Garment Images from the Museums - Eighteenth Century Embroidery - Pockets - Stays - Stockings - Clockwork - Fully Boned Whalebone Corset - HandBound Bibliography