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Evolution of Fashion – Hill & Bracknell

The Evolution of Fashion:

by Margot Hill and Peter.A.Bracknell


This is pretty good for basic but accurate fashion drawings. The Patterns included in this book, we think, are not so much taken from actual garments but interpretations using modern pattern cutting techniques. But it is a brilliant book to be able to see the general shape of pattern pieces needed for certain items and it covers a good. broad base of periods.

Front Cover:

Evolution of Fashion - Hill and Bucknell - HandBound Costumes Bibliography - Historical Costume Research - Georgian Cavendish Duchess of Devonshire - Marie Antionette - Mdm Pompadour - Georgian Costume - Images of Clothing through the ages - Patterns for historical fashion

Page 127:

These next two pages are taken from the reign of George II in about 1755. First we’ve put the image and then we’ve put the page with the details on it for that image.

Evolution Of Fashion - Margot Hill and Peter.A. Bucknell - Eighteenth century costume - Details of Goergian Clothing - Fashion throughout the ages - Researching 1700's Fashion - Side Hoop Dresses - Robe a la Francais - Robe a la anglais - upper class clothing - Court wear - patterns of historical clothing - historical costume -HandBound Costumes -

Page 126:

This text following gives you details of what was worn at the time of 1755 for both men and women. It covers everything from colours that were in, to accesories.

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