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Trivia – John Gay – 1716

Trivia: Walking the Streets of Eighteenth-Century London

Trivia by John Gay.

Edited by Clare Brant and Susan Whyman

This book includes some interesting essays on the various aspects that the poem throws up. When we’ve more time we plan to write some of the key lines down that are useful for costume research but for now here’s a little snippet into the book.

Front Cover:

John Gay's Trivia - 1716 - HandBound Costumes Bibliography - Walking the Streets of Eighteenth Century London - 18th Century Culture and Custom and everyday life - Poems of 1716 London - Umbrellas - Pattens - Who walked in the 1700's - Eighteenth Century Costume Research

Inside Page:

John Gay's Trivia - 1716 - Inner Page 3 - HandBound Costumes Bibliography - Eighteenth Century Costume Research - Umbrellas - Pattens - 1700's costume research - Georgian clothing


Inside Page:

John Gay's Trivia - 1716 - Inner Page 2- HandBound Costumes Bibliography

Inside Page with Image:

John Gay's Trivia - 1716 - Inner Page 1- HandBound Costumes Bibliography - Eigheenth Century London