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How to Wear…Pages

Our How to Wear…Pages

Welcome to the home of the ‘How to Wear’ range of pages! We have accidentally been creating more and more of these kind of pages as products have been added or garments have been researched and instead of having them only cropping up at random moments we thought we’d also have page where they can settle down and take root. Then we’ll always know where to find them!

Please just click on the links to whatever interests you.

handkerchief - LACMA - c.1780 used for HandBound costumes research, A study on how neck cloths or Fichus or handkerchiefs were worn in the 18th century, historical costume research - a look into georgian costume and how it was worn., historical replica costume, Hand made period clothing, reenactment csotume, bespoke garments form the 18th century, accessories of the 18th century, dress like a georgian

The Neck Cloth

The Neck Cloth – How to Wear…






18thc apron and neck cloth by HandBound

Robe a l’Anglais

The Robe a l’Anglais -How to Wear…






How to wear a sack back gown, replica hand made historical costumes by HandBound Costumes, furbelow trim, stomacher gown with silk, custom made costumes for reenactment and theatre and film

The Robe a la Francais

The Robe a la Francais – How to Wear…






lacing variations of 18th c, CF Crossed Lacing Stays - 1750-75, pink roses and red pretty stays, living history dressing, how do I dress like reenactors, theatre costume, how do I lace my stays, what are the different methods of lacing stays and corsets, what is straight lacing, online hot to videos for historical costumes, how to do straight lacing, photo examples of lacing corsets and stays, how do i dress myself in 18th c costume, georgian costumiers, handbound historical costumes and supplies

How to Lace

– How to Lace your Stays