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Research Pages of Typical Garments of 18th C.

Typical Garments

of the

Eighteenth Century!

We didn’t really know what to call this page – all of the options were so very wordy but we persisted – the need for this page is great! There are some classic and distinct, yet differing garments in the 18th century and we thought it would be a useful idea to not only list them, but to research their history, their progression through the century and the key paintings and garments that dictate our understanding of them.

Please find below (this page is a work in Progress at the mo – please be patient) a list of study pages for each of the various garments.

Princess of Wales-1736-C.Phillips-HandBoun – Stiff Bodied Gowns





The Covered Stays                  georgian stays, 18th century corsets/stays, boned bodices of the 1700s, underwear from 18th c., Georgian clothing and underwear, research into fully boned 18th century stays, HandBound Historical Costume research, snowshill collection, National trust stays, Berrington Hall 18th century costume collection, Charles wade costume collections, Replica historical costumes, reproduction handmade clothing, reenactment costumes made to measure and bespoke, theatre and film costumiers18th c costume and stays, custpom made stays and historical costumes, staymaker, mantua maker, how to build a pair of stays





Fichu-c.1780-85-lacmaThe HandkerChief/Neck Cloth





Museum of London short sack - c.1740s, short sack research by HandBound costumes, made to measure period costume, replica museum based gwons and stays and 18thc garments, – The Short Sack