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Totnes Fashion Museum

Totnes Fashion and Textile Museum

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Outside the Totnes Fashion Museum

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Based in the heart of Totnes in Devon, Uk, this small but wonderful museum is a nice little find for the costume fanatic – and mostly because of the lady who curates it. Julia Fox has, on a number of occasions now, been well worth the long trip down and is a hive of information. Through her we’ve had discussions on what it was like to have a period in the Georgian times and the techniques and garments they employed to hide it, shared interesting facts about stomachers, been given impromptu demonstrations in the process of dressing and had a healthy chat about undress and some of the images in portraiture. This lady is incredibly easy to talk to and deeply informative.

You can become a Friend of the Totnes Fashion Museum as well and they have started organising talks on costume for interested members by both Julia Fox and invited costume historians.


Items in the Collection:

Ruby Silk Robe a l’Anglais – c.1760
Green Dutch Silk Robe a ‘Anglais – c.1770
Hand Embroidered Cream Robe a l’Anglais – c.1770-80