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Pricing the Garment

Pricing Our Garments:

All of our garments on this site consist very simply of Materials and Time – and that’s it!

The Material costs can be broken down as such:
– Main fabric used in Garment.
– Linings and inner support fabrics used.
– Trimmings and threads.
– Anything else that was used in the making up of the garment. (i.e Cane or Lace tips or Buttons)
– Ooh and a small bit towards electric.

We marvel at some of the prices we’ve seen out there – some of them are just so cheap and if we’re honest, we’re maybe even a little bit jealous. For example, we’ve seen Hoops for under £100! But in reading their listings you can see that for example, they are using things like steel boning. None of our sampling has come out that well while using steel, none of them; it wibbles all over the place and bulges out at strange points. We are far happier with our cane – authentic and practical!
However we do flinch a little at some of the prices the garments tot up to! And all we can do is apologise and say we are really, genuinely trying to price it in a fair way.
We trust that you understand this and that quality, if that is what you want out of your garment, sometimes costs a little more.