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Returns and Refunds:

This is the hard bit.

We do take Refunds and Returns if the garment isn’t what was ordered or if a mistake has been made our side. We absolutely take Returns and Refunds for this: and will apologise most profusely for our mistake!

There are though, other situations which can arise in which we don’t offer Returns and Refunds.

Non-refundable Situations:

– We can’t, sadly, accept refunds on the basis of a change of weight or shape from the measurements supplied, nor if the measurements supplied were taken wrongly. We apologise about this and try and give you all the help we can to make sure those measurements are correct. Please see our Measurements page on this link here.

We also don’t accept returns on the basis of a change of mind, we know it sounds boring but the garments are made up to fit you as an individual and a lot of work has gone into each one. Just because you don’t feel it suits you is something that we can’t help with 🙁

Order Cancellations:

– You do, however, have an opportunity to cancel your order between the moments of confirming payment and us starting on your garment. The way it works is: that you order your garment on the website and then straight after we begin our communicating. Emails will probably fly back and forth (and we are not very good at keeping them short!) covering everything from your questions, to your specific design requirements and the measuring process. Once we have received your measurements we are then free to start your garments and we will send you an email to confirm this. You then have 24 hours to cancel your order. We will take it as confirmation of a ‘go-ahead’ to not receive a reply. This is meant to be helpful to you, a nice clear reminder of the opportunity to change your mind. We will also happily cancel your order after this 24 hr period if we have not yet started on your garment.
No cancellation can be accepted after this date if we have started your garment.

Refundable Situations:

– If the reason for the Return is a fault at our end then we will fully except responsibility, hopefully with a lot of apologies. You will be given a full refund if you so desire. A full refund will mean though, that we will pay for the garment to be posted back to us and it enters back into our ownership. If you want to keep the garment but there is a mistake that was our fault, then we can talk to you via email until we come to a happy arrangement. A full refund will not be given, though, unless we receive ownership of the garment once again. Depending on the issue is depending on the refund given and more importantly what you are happy with. We know this sounds vague but it’s hard to be able to predict the variations of some of the issues that could happen.

Thanks for reading this and please email us if you have any other questions.