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historic Traders image for HandBound useful Links page – The History and Heritage Accommodation Guide: HISTORIC UK: Trader’s Market.

Website: www.historic-uk.com
Market also includes shoemakers, artilary makers, costume makers and fabric suppliers.



reenactment traders fayre, traders row for reenactment groups, multi-period market – National Living History Fayre.

This market is twice a year and has several off shoots, including various NLHF across the country and LARP.

Can we just say that we attend lol!



Daily Mail History Festival Images, HandBound Costumes at Daily Mail History festival, Living History HandBound Costumes, made to measure Historical Costumes, Where can I get a pair of Stays made, – Chalke Valley History Festival.

With lectures, pop-up talks, reenactment battles, traders and lots, lots more, this Festival is truly this – a festival celebrating anything historical.  Well worth going to!

Here’s the website if you’d like to take a further look: https://cvhf.org.uk/


bespoke historical costume concentrating on 18th c research, hand made period costume, International Living History Festival.

Now moved to Cressing Temple in Essex, this market, and now a Festival, has got to be among one of the main markets in Britain for Re-enactment and Living History.  Covers all periods and with article for sale from armour to fabric to quills to historic games to costumes.

Here’s the website – have a browse: https://livinghistoryfestival.wordpress.com/


HandBound Historical CostumesT.O.R.M – The Original Reenactment Market. This market is another one of the biggies and is based near Coventry. This market also covers multi-period and has a wide range of articles for sale. Armour, weaponry, costumes, etc.  Here’s the link so please take a look: The Original Reenactment Market!



Cambridge living history FayreCambridge Living History Fayre. This market is a recent one that has popped up into existence and is based out near Godmanchester. We’re off to it on October 9th and 10th! Here’s the link for their Facebook: Cambridge Living History Fayre.




Stamford Georgian Festival link by HandBound costumes, Hand made reenactment costumes by HandBound costumesStamford Georgian Festival. It says it all really. A little bird told me that this Festival is held every 2 years but we shall confirm that! Here’s the link – The Link: Stamford Georgian Festival!