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A new Fabric!!!

Our Newest 100% Wool!

It’s a strange ol’ loosely 100% wool for reenactors, online linens wools and cottons sale, costumiers and supplied - 18th c focusedwoven wool, accompanied with a fluffed up haze of soft wool! but its’ perfect for the under-breeches that we want to make copied from a pair in the Bankfield Museum in Halifax.


When we were first replicating and studying these under-breeches we never thought we’d actually find a fabric that replicated the original – lol we were mainly after the pattern and construction techniques! – but then we stumbled across this beaut. We’re tempted to call it our strange wool cloth but it’s going to be forever named ‘The Loosely Woven Wool’…what can we say; we’re not very original with our names!

It’s 54″ wide so nice and wide for most dressmaking and costume projects. It’d also be nice to an inner layer for something – possibly even a quilted petticoat…hmmmm…now that’s a thought 🙂


And here’s an image of the breeches we’re hoping to reproduce!

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We know! Different colour but you can’t get everything in life! Also, we’d like to send the proper acknowledgement to the Bankfield Museum for allowing us to use this image 🙂

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