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Sno.401 Replica

In preparation for book 2 we have been busy in studying men’s coats and working on some more replicas.

Meet Sno.401 – (images courtesy of Snowshill Manor, National Trust)

This is a late c.1780s-1790s coat made from the most softest and exquisite silk velvet I’ve ever felt! The velvet pile is quite deep which adds such a softness to the touch. It’s also figured (stamped? or woven lol – no idea but very clever!) so that the yellow weave also glimmers through creating a really beautiful effect.

This coat has mariner style cuffs, a stand collar and just the two functional buttons along the CF edge.

The sleeves look to have been let out at the back side seam – something our research is trying to follow with great interest, and it has linen supported fronts, if you’re interested in what inner tailoring there is :).18th c tailor using original methods

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