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A recent study trip

Last week we trekked our way upto Scunthorpe in North lincolnshire to continue studying the Rv. Parkinson’s collection.

Take a look at some of the stunning coats this gentleman had in his wardrobe:late 18th century coats at north lincs museum

late georgian menswear by Hand bound costumes

It is simply a joy to study coats like these.

Some interesting facts from the collectin:

  • they’re not the greatest examples of tailoring we’ve seen! Some of the stitching is incredibly good and some a wee bit sloppy. Some of the lines too are not as neat as they could be. And this maybe speaks of a middle of the road tailors shop = perhaps one not based in London where the competition was great, but a smaller town based tailors. Who knows!
  • There are enough intruiging similarities to suggest, though definitely not all made by the same person, but perhaps enough to suggest that some of them were made by the same tailoring house.
  • he had a rather garish taste for cloth! From purple striped velvet with stars stamped out  to a strong mustard green. And also large decorative buttons on one his woolen coats.

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