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A New Linen!

A New Brother for our Linen Family!

We’ve had this one listed for a couple of weeks now, pending photos, and here they are! It’s a gorgeous blue, and the same fabric thantionette costumes, georgian clothing, mid 18th century costume, what the goergians wore, the duchess clothing , period dress and how it was worn, 1750s dresses, what was fashion in the 1700s, reenactment clothing based on replicas and reproductions, HandBound historical costumes made to measure and based on originals, theatre and film costumiers, period correct historical costumeat we’ve used for Hooped petticoats for authentic reenactment and georgian dressing, pure linen and cotton garments, reporiduction historical costumes by HandBoundour pocket hoops – click link here (although we’ll include a photo anyway on this page!)

It’s a lovely weight – dense weave but not thick, soft but not light and all in all, a really nice wibble to it of we’re honest. This is the same fabric that we’ve made our Sandby Gown out of (…and click link here).

It’s also the same linen as the Taupe and the Beige that we have in stock and like we say, it’s got to be one of our favourites to work with.

Check out some of the photos! and click on the link here for the actual product!

We also have a super short video showing it’s drape, silly but probably worth watching…

HandBound costume supplies

Our New Blue Baby!

Living history supplies and fabrics

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