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New in – Stripey 100% Cotton Fabric!

100% Cotton Light Canvas

Red Stripes!

We have listed a new fabric! This is a 100% Cotton fabric (click link here for product page!) that is like a slubby, lightweight canvas with slightly-darker-than-normal red stripes on a natural-looking, cream background. Its priced at £8 a mtr (hmmm…very reasonable we hear you say!) Well initially we just got it in for a new hoop of ours that is based on a fab hoop we studied at the Edinburgh Collections centre. It was a really gorgeous hoop…and I know we always say that but striped red slubbt cotton, butchers striped cottons, fabrics for period costumes and replica clothing,even the lady that got the garments out for us was surprised at what good quality the hoop was, and what design, and how on earth she hadn’t know it was in their collection before! We have no photos to show you I’m afraid as the Edinburgh Collection centre was one of the museums where you’re not allow to share your images – for personal use only!!!

However, when we sourced this fabric out we knew it would match perfectly to that hoop and so we got it in, but as 20 mts were the minimum we were allowed to buy we thought we’d offer it for sale also.

It’s a fab fabric and would do marvelously for soft furnishings, an anglais gown even, working aprons, general and non-historic dressmaking (gosh! Is there such a thing!) and cushions and such.

It is 45″ wide (112cm) and the stripes run parallel with the selvedge – as you can see in this image.

Thanks for looking!

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