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Our New Fabric!

Well actually we have two but we’ve only gotten round to listing the one yet….

But here it is:

Maroon Embroidered Taffeta!

100% Polyester or Faux Silk

It’s the fabric we made our first sack back out of so we can happily tell you that it’s great to work online period fabric store, handbound fabrics - online shop, where can I get embroidered taffeta fromwith. We always wash our fabrics first before we sew with them and this one didn’t shrink nor fade in colour. There did seem to be some loose dye but no difference in the colour when we compared it to the pre-washed version.

Thes18th c dress, theatre costume for the georgian periode taffeta’s are great to sew with – and this design would be idea for anything from our themed historical costumes to dressmaking, soft furnishing or other craft work.

It’s not too badly priced either – going out at £6.50 a mtr. It’s also nice and wide – with the embroidered area of 50″ and the selvedge to selvedge width of 58″

The floral design changes from oval rings of flowers and leaves to the odd random trailing floral sprig – we’ve got some close ups of the designs so please take a look at our product page for it.

Here’s the link here: Embroidered Taffeta!

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