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Chalke Valley History Festival

Wahoo…It’s Chalke Valley History Festival time again….

We had so much fun last year, meeting a whole new crowd of reenactors and endlessly talking to the public about 18th century fashion that we’re back again this year!

handbound costumes at chalke valley history festival, CVHF Georgian exhibition,  what the georgians wore, 18th c stays display - daily mail history festival

Our underwear research has taken us deeper into men’s costume this time so we have some additional items to display at this years exhibition. We have our men’s shirt range (one shirt: 3 versions at the mo) and our Under-breeches which have also been taken directly from an original in the museums.

We have spread our wings into 1800s research too and have our new corsellete replica from the MMA (along with a complete outfit we’ve been working on for an exhibit at Chalke Valley dated 1805!)

You will find us eager to chat in the Georgian Section of the Reenactment Field.

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