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Coleridge Cottage – Dress Like a Georgian Day!

Ahoy all Georgian Fans!

We’ve just discovered another Dress like a Georgian Day and it’s in a beautiful Georgian Cottage of National Trust persuasion. It’s on the Bank Holiday May Day weekend and well worth an amble if anyone fancies it.

It’d also be pleasing to see any Georgian costumes out there getting an airing!

HandBound costumes will be there (yay!) and I’ll be donning my yellow dress and packing up all my stays as we have an table in the exhibition room.dress like a georgian day at Coleridge cottage national trust somerset, georgian days out, 1700s fashion, 18th c costumes by HandBound I’m not sure what we can fit in there – we are forever expanding but the answer is to just take everything and see what works.

The Cottage bases it’s collection around the small era of the late 1790s and therefore as we haven’t yet fully researched that period yet it’s going to be really exciting to see some of the staff’s costumes and how they’ve been made. We watched Pride and Prejudice again last night (the one with Kiera Knightly – see link here!) and a lot of the costumes from this film were based in this 1790s era as the producers wanted a slightly softer look for the costumes and therefore based it on the period in which it would’ve been written instead of when it was published. It’s a fab decade as you can clearly see the rising of the waistline and the beginnings of the plunge into the regency look. We do have a pair of stays cut out from the 1790s but have yet to make them up and really see how they effect the shape of the body.

Here’s a link to the Cottage – Coleridge Cottage National Trust and it opens it’s doors at 11 am on Saturday 30th April.

Hopefully see you there!

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