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I.L.H.F This Weekend!

International Living History Festival

2nd-3rd April


We are so looking forward to packing up the car this weekend and heading off to Braintree in Essex. We have a beautiful slot in one of the barns and are eager to unpack our wares and get it set out all lovely….ahhhh.

International Living History Festival 2016, HandBound at Reenactment markets, historical costumes

Look how gorgeous it looks. Just think, in a few days time all of this will be filled with multi-period costumes. It1805-1810 corset or underwear, what the regency lady wore, accurate historical costumes, historical corsets and underwear by HandBound, is fascinating watching everyone walk round and even more fascinating to talk to them about what each item of clothing was and it’s history.

We’re bringing to the Market a new 1805 Corset, a new 1800 Shift, blue linen Pockets hoops that we’ve been developing for a museum and our new men’s wear range. Well, ok, just the mere beginnings of… but we’re getting there.

handbound historical costumes at ILHF 2nd and 3rd april 2016, period seamstress at reenactment mkt.We will also have our standard collection of Stays ranging from early 1720s through to 1795 , our ever-growing cap collection that ranges from late 17th c through to late 18th c and a few of our replicated gowns.

Oh, and we have pockets for sale – like I mean discounted sale! It’s only the plain ones but we made a batch and realised afterwards that the bias we used must’ve come from an older roll of the same linen as it was just that slightly different in shade :(. Oh well – but they’re going cheap at £5!!!

Here’s also some of the links to the festivals website and facebook so take a look if you have a mo:

Here’s the Website: http://www.livinghistoryfairs.co.uk/

And the Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pikeandshot.internationallivinghistoryfair/?fref=ts

Anyway, come and visit us, chat about costumes and I’ll be the lady in yellow!


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