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New Fabrics!

2 New Linens Added!

Our heart-felt goal is to have such a range of linens that it beggars belief! We’re a little far behind on that goal lol, but are pleased to announce two new linens to our range.

Meet the New Linens!

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The Taupe

– This is like a dark beige and is what we’ve used on our Bath Stays  so you can get a better idea of it’s colour (please take a look at the link here)

It measure 58″ Wide like it’s Beige brother and is of the same fab weight. It is also featured in our Sandby Anglais (the beige version dyed Yellow) and it really is a stunner of a fabric. It moves weightily but fluidly, is firm but not rigid, has the springyness of linen but not in a light capricious way – we shall call it our mature linen – yes, that’s what we’ll call it: our mature linen range!

Here is a link to it’s listing – we haven’t yet got a video clip done yet but bear with us…

There is also a navy version coming soon….and hopefully an Ivory…oh be still my beating heart!

The next is a linen we’ve been using since the dawn of time. It is still one of the best linens we’ve found, even after all this time of searching.

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Fine Linen

– Fine 100% Linen – widths can vary but it generally comes in a 48″ width. This is the cloth we’ve used for our V&A shift, many of our caps, our Fine linen man’s shirt and pretty much, most of the items that need a beautiful linen, and it is beautiful. Expensive but beautiful!

Take a quick look here with this link and we hope you like, like, like

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