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The Coleridge Cottage Adventure

HandBound Costumes at Coleridge Cottage

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The adventure began at a dull 7am start last Thursday morning. The car had already been packed the night before, so between our male mannequins head rolling about in the back and the number of fabric feet sticking up against the boot’s window, we looked like a very strange car as we pulled out of HandBound Costumes at Coleridge Cottage Heritage day, 18th c costume display at Coleridge cottage, historical costumier for the georgians, historical dressmakerour driveway and on to Nether Stowey.

printed-18th-c-chocolates-for-saleThere’s something about heading towards a National Trust property that inspires excitement – perhaps it’s the atmospheric buildings, or the interested visitors,  but either way, it felt quite delightful to be yawning our way up the motorway, ready to set up our display.

Our display is beginning to be quite a collection now! We had out, and on best behaviour for Coleridge Cottage, our full 18th C. Stay range – dating from 1725 to 1810. We had the beginnings of our men’s costume range in the form of shirts and underbreeches. We had our ‘Shift Corner’ which now houses shifts from late 17th c. all the way through to the early 1800s – ooh there’s something about all that soft white linen that looks beautiful. We had our classic 1760s Sack back dressed on our newest mannequin, and our 1805 dress draped on another. Caps dating from late 17th c to the middle of the 18th, our pockets, ruffles, neck cloths and most importantly, the chance to see how the 18th c fashion progressed through the years.

And some wonderful conversations! My favourite were probably the ones where we wondered how women coped with periods and poos during that era – oh the endless questions!

Thanks to everyone who came and chatted, admired and made us feel most welcome. We shall be back!

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