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c.1760s Yellow Night-gown Handbook

pattern and making book of a 1760s gown by HandBound Costumes

c.1760s Yellow Night-gown Handbook



  • A study of a Night-gown or Robe a l’Anglais
  • Original Pattern of Gown
  • a How-to-Make Section
  • Photographic Study
  • Stitch Analysis
  • History of the Night-gown
  • Soft Back Book

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c.1760s Yellow Night-gown Handbook

The Original Garment Series – Book One

By M.Barker


Full of our research, the construction techniques of this original 1760s gown, a pattern, and lots, lots more, our latest book takes a deep delve into the world of 18th century sewing.


“Contained within the pages of this book is a unique glimpse into a stunning c.1760s yellow nightgown.
This book studies the gown in beautiful detail. It covers everything from an examination of the 18th century sewing techniques, to an in-depth photographic study and a detailed section on how to reconstruct the gown with the techniques as seen on it today.

Finally altered at some point during the 1760s, this gown contains a microcosm of 18th century sewing techniques. Found within the fabric and folds are glimpses of early 1730s and 1740s methods, there is also evidence for at least 2 main overhauls, before the gown reaches its current state in, all the glory of the 1750s and 1760s. All of this makes for a fascinating and in-depth study of 18th century sewing skills.

The step-by-step guide features the original sewing techniques found on the gown and has been displayed with photos, illustrations, grids and references.
All designed to help the reader create their very own c.1760s night-gown.”

So, the book contains the following:

  • An introduction to the history of the night-gown in general
  • A Report on the gown = containing in-depth photos, stitching sizes/types for each seam and over-all measurements.
  • The Patterns of the original gown + a simplified lining option
  • The Order of Making – or the Instructions on how to make the gown. This comes with a step-by-step guide and plenty of photos.
  • A study into the Earlier Versions of the gown
  • And a look at how the gown could be used
  • It also contains a bibliography
  • A list of the gowns that took part in the study
  • Useful and informative Endnotes
  • And all in all – 178 pages of research goodliness!


The Original Garment Series:

This book is designed to be the first of a series that studies individual original garments and provides a record of the construction techniques found within. Each report will provide a pattern and a ‘How to Make’ and a look at the history and development of the garment.


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