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Clarissa – S.Richardson

Clarissa by Samuel Richardson stocksist in UK online - HandBound costume for history books

Clarissa – S.Richardson



  • Paperback
  • Penguin Classics
  • About 2 1/2″ thick!

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(Or The History of a Young Lady)

By Samuel Richardson

This is no classic kind of boy meets girl novel!

Though a girl does indeed meet a boy – but it is fascinating in it’s complexities and genuine real life confusions that happen within us when partners are met who are not really overly suitable and yet desire is there too. Part of the Classics list for sure – and Samuel Johnson himself says about it “The first book in the world for the knowledge it displays of the human heart.”

It was published in 1747 after Samuel Richardson published Pamela – another of his most famous works.

Not only fab for a good read, but if you’re into 18th century culture then it has some lovely eye opening bits about general life, culture, marital expectations and being a young woman in the 1740s.

The price, by the way is set by the publisher and is probably because it is rather large…. 🙂