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The Crazy Yellow Dress

The Crazy Yellow Dress

Our sister company ‘The Georgian Costume Company’ has been working on a project for the last 3 years studying Mantuas. In 2019 the most stunning yellow mantua was studied up in Edinburgh at the Collections centre. It ‘wowed’ us all so much that I started dreaming of having a sack back version of my very own – and one with a slightly smaller skirt!

yellow court mantua at the edinburgh collections centre NMS

So, the research began. Yellow was the key theme – that and the 1750s to 1760s where you see in portraiture a whole host of ‘trimm’d sacks’ from this period. The silk was also chosen and the stays were started. (see the link here for the stays made to compliment this gown).

And then Lockdown happened! And though online work should have taken priority I got kinda side tracked with making and finishing this gown! And boy did it take some time!

18th entury sack backs - is there a compnay in UK who makes historically accurate costumes from the 18th century1760s fashion - what is a trimmed sack - handbound historically accurate costumeshow do stays work - replica 18th century stays and understanding them

















1760s fashion - yellow sack back gown with furbelow trimhas anyone in the UK made one of those heavily trimmed gowns? HandBound costume s18th century replica costume

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