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1805-1810 Corselette – MMA – Our Version!

1805-1810 Corset:

Metropolitan Museum of Art

We are currently researching an outfit for an exhibition at the Daily Mail History Festival at Chalk Valley – it’s to be for the year 1805 and we are dressing one of the ladies.

On thursday we’re off upto Bath Fashion Museum to begin looking closely at dresses but this is the smalls beginnings (lol!). We’ve started sampling a shift – see image – from the Museum of Fine Art, Boston.  And now onto the next layer. We’re sampling two different types of underwear for this. Mainly to see how they both manipulate the body and the difference they create. One is a pair of jumps from the Hereford Collections Centre and the other from the MMA and just studying the images supplied online. The pair of jumps we’ve actually handled and looking closely at but the MMA corset we’re having to do from afar…oh way over the ocean!

We’re tackling this in the same way we tackle all of our outfits – start researching the correct underwear and it’s pretty much guaranteed the other layers will make a lot more sense!

Please take a look at the following images….

This first set are the Originals:
authentic and hand made replica costumes by HandBound, pride and prejudice costumes, I want to look like Elisabeth Darcy nee Bennet, Jane Austen week in Bath

1805-1810 Corset – MMA

reenactment costume and clothing, replica museum work, hand sewn techniques and made to measure period clothing

Back View of this Regency Corset

Napoleonice costumes, replica and authentic period clothing for the napoleonic and regency period, dress like Elisabeth Bennet, early underwire bras - 1805-1810

What we’re calling ‘The Under-Wire Section’!

jane austen costume - where can i get one made, accurate period clothing for jane austen and regency period, Metropolitan Museum of Art replicas

And the Shift we’re sampling…

early 1800s chemise - regency jane austen and napoleonic era, the regency wardrobe researched and replicated

It’s a Happy Chemise! Dated 1800s – MFA Boston

And now for some of the photo’s of our samples…remember these are not yet quite finished…

1805-1810 corset or underwear, what the regency lady wore, accurate historical costumes, historical corsets and underwear by HandBound,

The Unfinished Front View


HIstorical underwear seamstress specialising in Georgian costume and Napoleonice and regency clothing, period clothing dressmaker

The Unfinished Back View


Jane austen costume peices, regency dressmaker and corsetier,

The Unfinished CF section – it still needs boning and eyelets…

the regency wardrobe - from chemise to gown by HandBound Costumes, hand made and bespoke period costumes for sale, period dressmaking and museum researched

Back View – close up

Oh and don’t have any photos yet of the Chemise – these will follow…. 🙂

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