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An 1805 Ensemble….

Gun Deck Tea Time!

Our task was to create a complete outfit that would’ve been suitable for a lieutenant’s wife on a Napoleonic gun deck for an 1805 reenactment.

What an excuse for a perfect bit of research!

We studied 5 shifts at Bath, 3 corset options at Hereford and online images sourcing, dug through our collection of images for regency under-dresses and then went back to Bath to look at 2 possible gowns. What an amazing time!

The cream coloured gown that we chose as the pattern we were going to use, was such a simple stunner – white worked every-so-gently that it melted the heart. Honestly these gowns are so beautifully made! We also have 5 new shifts to start making as we took a pattern of all of the ones we studied too.

Anyway, what you really want is the images.

early 19th c shifts, replica shift from bath fashion museum

First Layer – the shift!


early 19th c underwear, regency underwear, early 1800 shifts

The First layer on Mannequin – 1800-1810 shift

early 1800s corsets - replica by HandBound

The second layer – The Jumps!

georgian underwear by HandBound Costumes

The jumps again – dated c.1790 but also found in caricatures from the early 1800s

1800s under-dress, 1805 napoloenic costume, period costumes based on museum garments

The Under-dress


jane austen costume - 19th c underwear

The 3rd Layer again – the Under-Dress

historical dressmaking, georgian underwear

Back View of the Under-Dress

pride and prejudice historical costume, I want to dress like elisabeth bennet, where can i get a regency outfit from?

Bottom part of the Underdress

Oh and ones last note – none of these items are listed in our Online Shop yet – the whole outfit was made for a customer but we shall be remaking it and listing it up. Please message us if you’d like to know more.


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