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April – ‘The Months’ – J.June – 1749

‘April’ – The Months

By J.June – 1749

Months - J.June - 1749 Costume research by HandBound Costumes, Historical costumiers and 18th c staymaking, made to measure accurate historical costumes, I need a georgian costume - where can I get one made?,


– Ah we love our job! This lady is wearing a (probably) Robe a l’Anglais with single robings. We are only assume it’s an Anglais from the fact that it’s a day dress – there is no other evidence for that so please don’t take our word for it! The single robings face onto a stomacher with 3 contrasting ribbons joining it.
– She wears her Neck Cloth using a ‘Through the lacing Method’ (Click Link here for more information). This Neck Cloth looks to be not just a flat piece of cloth but one with possible lacing’s sewn on.
– Her Ruffled Linen looks to come from her shift and also look to have lace on.
– She wears her Apron OVER her Stomacher and Robings and looks to have a CF jewel? or Belt thing?
– Her dress is a striped and sprigged gown – with open skirts. She wears a yellow Petticoat and also, either, a very long Shift or an under-petticoat (look by her feet).
– She wears what looks like red heeled shoes with yellow – although a we always say: you’ve gotta take the colours in these engraving’s with a pinch of salt.
– She wears, what we must assume is a Hooped Petticoat.
– She wears  a Bergere (or Straw/Milkmaid Hat) with an undercap and a Yellow ribbon. She also has a brown ribbons round the crown of her hat.
– She wears a Sleeve Knot in the same Yellow as the other contrasting ribbons.

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