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Bath Fashion Museum Study Session – no.18 and 19

Bath Study Session


Our notes are getting confusing so we’ve decided to start numbering our study sessions. This is some images from our now 18th and 19th study session at the Bath Fashion museum.

In these 2 sessions we were finishing looking at a 1780s Coat where we needed to finish drafting the patterns. That done, completed by mid-morning, we were then free to start our researching into an entirely new item; the woman’s jacket. Essentially we were after something a customer had requested – the short jacket featured in Liotard’s Chocolate Girl but Bath didn’t have anything overly similar to that…however, what we did get to look at is a nice-and early riding habit – dated 1700-1725 and in really nice condition.

The following photos are:

Courtesy of Bath Fashion Museum and Bath & N.E Somerset Council

So please respect accordingly 🙂

Riding habits from the 1700s, georgian womens fashion research- handbound, bespoke made period dressmaking, poldark fashion,

Front View – Riding Habit

i want a well researched georgian garment - 18th c fashion, georgian dressmaker or tailor, images of 18th c sport fashion

Cuff Detail

18thc historical costumiers, georgian seamstress, 1700s fashion - sports wear

Lining View

1780-90 coat - men's fashion, georgian mens fashion,

Front View – Man’s Coat

1700s fashion details on coats - the history of covered buttons, 1780s tailoring research, georgian men's tailoring by HandBound Costumes

Cuff Detail – 1780-90s coat

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