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Berrington Hall Trip…a bit more

The Display at Berrington Hall

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Quilted Ensemble and c.1740s Suit

While we were shut away in the store room at Berrington, sliding through the heavy door quietly every time we stopped for a tea break or lunch and nipping down the elegant staircase, we had an opportunity to take a moment and see the costume display they had for the visitors to see.

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Riding Habit and Frock

We can’t wait till they change it as there were 3 sets of calashes that we’d love a closer look at and also a 2 piece suit from c.1740s that we need to do a pattern from. But it was a beautiful moment, in the close of the day, while the last of the visitors left and we were quickly clicking away on our camera trying to snatch an image of the little collection of costumes.

The window to this room is very cleverly on a curve – fab for visitors to get as much of a vista as possible, but it’s not so good for cameras – if an image looks slightly warped that’s because it was – the bending glass refracting the light lol.

Some of the items include:

  • A complete quilted outfit that we’re sure is the same one used in Janet Arnold’s book – this is to be confirmed though, we’ve not double checked this yet with out copy of her book.
  • A lovely Riding habit – again worth remembering they have – we’ve studied 3 at the V&A but haven’t yet got a pattern.
  • A gentleman’s frock
  • 2 more Riding habits – one in pink!
  • The 3 Calashes already mentioned.
  • The 2 piece c,1740s suit
  • And some pattens and some bergere hats – one beautifully domed.
whats a bergere, examples of 18th c hats, straw hats from the 1700s

Bergere Hats and a top hat

Costume collection at Berrington Hall

Riding habits and Calashes

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Poldark Quilted outfit and 1740s coat and waistcoat

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