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Lacma and the Stomacher-Style Stays


Caraco and Petticoat:

At The

Los Angeles Count Museum of Art


We were just having a quick click through our 1770’s folder, doing some research on a dress to study at the V&A when we whizzed passed this little beauty.

Dated c.1770’s, this light and simple looking Caraco and matching Petticoat took us a little by surprise. LACMA has obviously dressed a mannequin for a photo shoot of this neat little ensemble – but look! they’ve dressed it with a finely laced (or stringed) CF detail pair of Stays. We’ve seen one exactly like this at the Edinburgh Collections Centre and have a few other versions in our Stays image file.

Caraco+Pett - c.1770 - LACMA - HAndBound

C..1770 – LACMA

This is obviously not conclusive proof that this type of decorated stays were meant (nor always meant) to be seen but it is another weight on the side of Purposeful Visibility – what a great little phrase.

I’m sure we’ve used this image before but there is the lovely ‘Sleeping Maid’ who, though it could be argued, could be wearing her stays visible out of necessity or for practical purposes, is also proudly displaying her pair of Stays.



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The Sleeping Maid – McArdell – 1756

Anyway, this is not supposed to be a long post – we’re in the middle of preparing for The Daily Mail History Festival and we’re busy sewing ribbons onto our new McCord Stays especially for the event. Lotsa lv, XXX

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