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March – ‘Months’ by J.June – 1749


‘The Months’ by J.June


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– Our rather windswept lady here wears a Red or Orange gown with matching petticoat. You can just about see the gown’s skirts end and curl back in the wind and the matching petticoat resume beneath it.
– Interestingly you can also see a sliver of white running the length of the hem of the skirts. Shifts never came down that far nor that full so it’s like to be an Under skirt.
– At her bodice, the gown comes back into play with just a tab going across her Robings to tuck her neck cloth through. See our page on Neck Cloths for more info on how Neck Cloths could be worn.
– She wears full-ish ruffles of one length and which appear to be sewn on as a separate item. You can see a band along the top of the ruffles as they get blown back in the wind.
– Her Apron is white and full.
– She wears a black cape with some sort of lace (?) trim decorating the edge.
– She also, rather uniquely, has long tight sleeves coming beneath her ruffles. The only gown that we know about that featured this sort of detail, and also got worn with the ruffles still at the elbow length is a Brunswick. Ergo, we must assume that the gown is a Brunswick gown which was used in Undress and apparantly was very popular for travelling.
– She wears an undercap with a frill at the front edging her face and her Straw hat (or Bergere) has been tied down with a ribbon to create that ‘Bo Peep’style.
– She is also wearing red shoes.


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