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May – The Months – J.June 1749


The Months – J.June – 1749

Take a quick look at our May lady here and then we’ll discuss her dress:

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– Well, to start off with she is wearing a Short Sack with matching petticoat – in quite a similar colour to a short sack we have in our collection!
– The short sack details are that the skirts coming right down onto the hip arrangement. It has single robings which actually meet together at the waist and look as if they join, then for the skirts to sweep away at an angle.
– The shirt sack is edged with what looks like a gold braid of sorts and she wears a stupendous breast knot to match in with this yellow colour.
– She also is sporting a lace frill around her neck and the frill from her shift or Tucker is very voluptuous, plain and deep. We can see all this because she isn’t wearing a neck cloth!
– Her stomacher appears to be white – although as we always say with these types of engravings, treat the positioning of colours with a pinch of salt. But it does appear she has fine, narrow lacing – though, again, this could be a mis-reading of the print.
– She has an interesting back frill on her cuff – either in Vandyke fashion or emulating the Court dress’s feature of rows of facing lace (O how tempted we are to say facing lacing!). It does appear that this frill is in the Vandyke style though nothing else of her gown appears to be, as you can just make out on the nearest arm how the the splay of backward lace actually appears to have a band at it’s base and where it has been attached to the bottom of the sleeve. The Shift frill then looks to come from beneath.
– It looks like she wears a very long shift – so long in fact that it shows beneath the hem but this is more likely to be an under-petticoat being worn under the actual hoop so that it lies close to the legs – remember it is still May! We will say that this is purely our interpretation.
– She wears similar coloured shoes.

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