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Our Berrington Hall Trip…

Study Session at Berrington Hall

I think we have a new goal  for our business!: To plot as many patterns as possible from original coats, gowns, waistcoats etc so that you can begin to see the changes in the pattern cutting and see how they vary, develop and change from garment to garment and fashion to fashion.

We is thinking this may take a life time lol!

However, back to our Berrington Trip – we got a chance to see 4 coats and 1 x waistcoat, we took as many photos as possible – did as much sketching as we had time for (which is never very much -= time goes so fast!!!) and plotted as many patterns as we could.

Here are just a few photos of the items we looked at….

(oh and please note that these images are used courtesy of Berrington Hall and the National Trust and that we ask you to use these images respectfully. Thanks. xxx)

Early 18t c mans coat, handmade and bspoke period tailoring, historical costumes by HandBound Costumes

1720’s Man’s Wool Coat – Image used by kind permission of Berrington Hall, NT

Silk coat - c.1760-70, historical pattern cutting by HandBound Costumes

Part of a 2 piece suit – SNO.75 – By Kind permission of Berrington Hall NT

Frock coat c.1765-75, SNO.68 snowshill collection at Berrington Hall, 18th c fashion Costume collections in the uk,

This was probably my favourite…SNO.68 Frock Coat c.1765-75

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